What are the benefits of an in-cabin vehicle air ionizer?

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2022 Buick Envision front view

Buick in-cabin air ionizer function and set up 

Should you get a vehicle with an in-cabin air ionizer? If, after reading this page, it sounds like something you want, visit Carl Black Roswell to find your next Buick with this feature. Watch and read below to learn more about this feature. 

How To Set-up In-Vehicle Air Ionizer | Buick Envision How-To Videos by Buick 

As you can see in the video, setting up the in-vehicle air ionizer doesn’t take any work. Equipped vehicles will simply run the system automatically. That being said, you can use the infotainment system to view air quality, as shown in the video. 

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What are the benefits of a vehicle with an air ionizer? 

Is it worth getting a vehicle with an air ionizer? We certainly think so. If you’re on the fence about getting a Buick, check out these benefits of an in-vehicle air ionizer. 

  • Keep your car’s cabin fresher: You spend a lot of time in your car, so the air in there should be fresh. An in-vehicle air ionizer can reduce odors and improve air quality.  
  • Monitor the air quality: If you live in a city or near manufacturing sites, you might be concerned about the quality of the air you’re breathing. The air ionizer monitors the quality of the air entering its system and can let you know the air quality. You can use that information to decide on whether it’s a good day to be active or a good day to stay indoors. 
  • Cut back on allergies: If you, your family, or your pets have allergies, an air ionizer could help. This system helps cut back on pollen, dust, and other small particles in the air, any of which could be the source of your itchy eyes and sneezing.  

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