How to Change a Flat Tire on Your Vehicle

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Close up of a flat tire on a car with the text "How to change a flat tire"Eventually, you may be forced to change a flat tire. Perhaps you let the air pressure get too low or you ran over a sharp object that left a puncture. Regardless, you will need to know how to change a flat tire on your vehicle safely. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll become a tire-changing expert!

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Steps to Change a Flat Tire

Before attempting to change your flat tire, make sure you are pulled over a safe distance away from traffic. Don’t suddenly brake or turn once you realize you have a flat. Turn on your hazards and take it easy as you move away. Make sure you park on level ground as jacking the car on uneven ground can cause the vehicle to roll. Once you are in a safe location, follow these steps to change your flat tire.

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  1. Apply the parking brake and wheel wedges. The last thing you want while you are changing your tire is your vehicle to start rolling away. The parking brake will stop this from happening. If the parking brake fails, then the wheel wedges will stop your tires from spinning. If you are change a rear tire, put these snuggly in front of your front tires. If you are changing a front tire, put these wedges snuggly behind the rear tires.
  2. Loosen the nuts and jack the car. Start loosening the nuts on your wheel in a star pattern, but do not remove them. Jack up your car so the tire is off the ground. After the tire is in the air, you can remove the nuts and the flat tire.
  3. Replace the tire and tighten the nuts by Close up of a tire being removed from a carhand. Once the new tire is on the wheel and you tightened the nuts by hand, jiggle the tire. This is a great way to test that the tire is on the bolts securely.
  4. Lower the vehicle and tighten again. Once your car is back on the ground, use your wrench to tighten the bolts as much as possible in the star pattern. Make sure to take your wedges back.

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