How to replace your windshield wipers

December 23rd, 2019 by

person taking wiper blade off of wiper arm of carRain and snow can impact your visibility when driving. That’s where windshield wipers come in. These parts are important for maintaining visibility in dangerous weather conditions. However, when the blades are old or broken, seeing out of your windshield can become a hassle. Today, we are going to teach you how to replace your windshield wipers.

Steps for replacing your windshield wiper blades

  1. woman grabbing and lifting windshield wiper blade from windshieldFind the right wiper blade size. This can be figured out by measuring the wiper blades or by looking at the car’s owner’s manual.
  2. Remove the old wiper blade. Lift the arm away from the windshield gently. Under the wiper where it meets the arm, there is a small tab. Press down on the tab. The blade will slide right off when you pull downward.
  3. Attach the new wiper blade. Check to see if the new blade has the same hooks as the old. If they do not, you’ll need to get the correct blades. For hook type wiper blade arms, slide the wiper arm hook around the wiper blade fitting and pull up until you hear a click. For pin type wiper blade arms, pull the tab up slightly, then insert the wiper pin, and then push down firmly on the tab.
  4. Test the new wiper blades. To double check that you installed the wiper blades correctly, turn the wipers on to make sure they don’t come loose. You can also dump some water or use the windshield wiper fluid to make sure it wipes the windshield properly.
  5. Change your windshield wipers at the proper time. Changing your blades when they need to be changed will keep your windshield safe. Your blades should be replaced every six months or when there is a difference in visibility. You should also look for scratching sounds, peeling blades, dirty windshield, ice clumps, no contact and skipping wipers.

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