How does Adaptive Cruise Control work in my Buick or GMC?

June 25th, 2020 by

2020 Buick Enclave Sport Touring Exterior Passenger Side Front Angle

Cruise control isn’t exactly a new feature in vehicles. Controlling speed in a vehicle has been around as early as 1900, but the modern idea of cruise control was invented in 1948. It’s an incredibly convenient feature found in almost all vehicles, and now it’s being further enhanced by leveraging advanced driver-assistance systems like those we’ve been talking about this month. Adaptive Cruise Control does more than just control your speed, so we’ll walk through exactly how it works in your Buick or GMC vehicle. We looked at the Enclave and Sierra for this blog.

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What is the purpose of ACC?

The purpose of Adaptive Cruise Control, or ACC for short, is to allow you to set what speed you’d like to maintain as well as a following distance.

How does ACC work?

When utilizing Adaptive Cruise Control, you not only set what speed you’d like to maintain without applying pressure to the gas pedal but also what following distance you’d like to maintain. The system will then utilize the cameras and sensors from your driver-assistance technologies to scan the area ahead of you. If a vehicle is detected directly ahead in your path, moving the same direction, the system will slow down the vehicle to maintain the following distance. Once that vehicle is no longer in front of you, the system will automatically speed back up to your set speed.

When does ACC work?

You can utilize the Adaptive Cruise Control system whenever you’d like, however you cannot set it to a speed that is less than 15 miles per hour.

Does ACC take control?

Yes, the Adaptive Cruise Control system has the ability to take control of braking and acceleration, helping you to maintain speed and distance.

Adaptive Cruise Control is by no means autopilot. It is simply a way to help you maintain a given speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you. You should still remain attentive and ready to take full control at a moment’s notice even while utilizing ACC.

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