Do GMC vehicles come with built-in Google Play?

May 6th, 2022 by

2022 GMC Yukon front seats

GMC vehicles Google Play features and functions 

Yes, select GMC models like the 2022 GMC Yukon have available Google Play. We’re sure that it will become even more common in future model years. If you’re interested in finding a vehicle with this feature, visit Carl Black Roswell in Roswell, GA. 

Google built-in – Google Play | GMC video  

Watch this video to learn about what Google Play is and what it can do for you. You’ll also see a step-by-step guide to using Google Play. You can also scroll down to review the information presented here. 

What does Google Play allow you to do in a GMC vehicle? 

Watching the video above will give you a good idea of what Google Play is all about. We’ll also reiterate the main points here; in case you want to review your options. Here’s what Google Play can do for you. 

  • Download your favorite music apps, podcast apps, and audiobook apps 
  • Browse through a catalog of available apps to find new favorites 
  • Install apps at any time from any location 

Steps to using Google Play to download an in-vehicle app 

As you’ve learned, Google Play is basically an app store in your GMC vehicle. Its main function is to help you find and use your favorite apps. Here’s how you can use it to download an app to your vehicle’s entertainment system. 

  1. Sign in to your Google account through your GMC infotainment system. 
  2. Tap the Google Play store icon on the infotainment screen. 
  3. Browse the catalog of available apps or use the search function to find a specific app. 
  4. When you find your desired app, tap Install to download it. 
  5. Once an app has finished downloading, its icon will appear on the home screen and it’s ready for use. 

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