What vehicles let you use Google Assistant?

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2022 GMC Yukon side view

GMC Google Assistant feature functions and availability 

Looking for a vehicle with Google Assistant? Check out the 2022 GMC Yukon SUV. Scroll down to learn more about its Google Assistant capabilities and functions with us. You can find the GMC Yukon here at Carl Black Roswell in Roswell, GA. 

Google built-in Google Assistant | GMC video 

This video shows you a few key ways that Google Assistant can help you out. It also shows you three ways to start using Google Assistant. You can also scroll down to find the same information. 

What does Google Assistant do in a vehicle? 

Google Assistant allows you to use conversational voice commands to control your vehicle’s technology. There are a number of things you can control, including those on the list below. Most likely, more items will be added to the list as it becomes more common in vehicles. For now, here’s what you can use Google Assistant for. 

  • Set reminders: Reminders can be set with a specific time and message using Google Assistant. 
  • Ask for directions: You can ask Google Assistant for directions to bring up step-by-step driving directions to your destination. 
  • Send a text: Phone controls can be used through Google Assistant when you have a compatible smartphone.  
  • Control certain vehicle functions: Some functions, like temperature, can be turned on and off or adjusted using Google Assistant voice commands. 

How do Google Assistant voice commands work in a GMC Yukon? 

There are three ways to activate Google Assistant voice commands in your GMC Yukon. The different options make it easy for the driver or a front-seat passenger to interact with Google Assistant. Rear-seat passengers can also interact using voice commands. Here are your control options: 

  • Say “Hey Google” to start a voice command. 
  • Press the Google Assistant icon on your touchscreen display. 
  • Press the push-to-talk button located on the steering wheel. 

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