What kind of advanced safety features are found in a Buick vehicle?

February 25th, 2020 by

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Regardless of which Buick utility vehicle you think you might be interested in, they’re packed full of great safety features and technologies both to protect you in the event of a collision and to help prevent one from happening in the first place. We thought today we’d dive into what kind of advanced safety features are found in our Buick vehicles. If you’d like to know which models a feature or technology is available in, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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HD Surround Vision

A few years ago, the backup camera was just beginning to blow up. It became so popular that it’d be more difficult for you to find a new vehicle without one installed than looking for one with it equipped. Now, bird’s-eye view cameras are increasing in popularity. HD Surround Vision allows you to see what’s going on around your vehicle while operating at low speeds and delivers a few great angles to help you park as well.

Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert

This system will deliver a visual cue in your side mirrors when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. It will also deliver an alert if this occurs while you have your turn signal on. In this latter case, the alert will even occur if a vehicle is detected rapidly approaching your side blind zone.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Similarly, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system will send you alerts if a vehicle is detected approaching from the left or right while your Buick vehicle is in reverse.

Forward Collision Alert

This next system will send you alerts if it detects an impending front-end collision and will also send you alerts if the system thinks you’re following the vehicle in front of you too closely.

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning

More than just an alert, Lane Keep Assist will literally help you if it detects you drifting outside of your lane, delivering slight wheel turns to direct you back into the lane if it determines this could lead to a collision. Otherwise, the system will send warnings if you cross a lane marker.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Finally, that brings us to the Front Pedestrian Braking system, which is able to detect pedestrians crossing the road in front of you when operating at speeds less than 50 miles per hour. If the system detects a potential collision with this pedestrian, it will send you alerts first, then apply hard emergency braking to help reduce the risk or severity of a collision. Nighttime driving may effect the ability of this system.

Buck Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert Simulation
Buick Front Pedestrian Braking Simulation