Tax Season is Upon Us – Treat Yourself to Your Next Ride with Your Refund!

February 14th, 2018 by

Tax Refund

Whether you can believe it or not, it is already that time of year again when you are already starting to receive emails and letters regarding your 2017 taxes. Everyone knows that when tax season has arrived, that means that a big chunk of change is soon coming your way in the several upcoming months…

And what better way is there to spend your hard-earned and well-deserved tax refund than by finally treating yourself to your next beloved car here in Roswell?

Once you have your tax refund in-hand, the budget for your upcoming vehicle-purchasing process will immediately become that much bigger! We think that it’s a very wise move to use your tax refund towards something worthwhile and something that you will consistently use for many years to come, so you indeed should consider buying an attractive and affordable automobile at Carl Black Buick GMC of Roswell!

For our customers who happen to be working on a very tight budget, we strongly encourage you to take a look around our enticing bargain inventory that is currently available here on our lot in Roswell. All of the listings that you can find within our bargain deals are simply hard to resist, as they all will cost you only $15,000 or less to buy and call your own! Talk about a real bargain.

What are you waiting for, your 2018 tax refund?

Stop by our dealership today to browse around our most inexpensive inventory, so you can plan in advance which vehicle you’d like to purchase when your refund finally arrives.