How should I drive to save money on fuel?

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gas prices at a gas station pumpDriving tips and tricks for saving money on gas 

How should you drive to save money on fuel? We’ve got tips and tricks below for how to drive to improve your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Visit Carl Black Roswell in Roswell, GA, to find your next fuel-efficient new or used car. 

How to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy 

Are you wondering how you can save money while driving? One of the best ways to do so is to pay attention to your vehicle’s fuel economy and how it varies according to where and how you drive. Then, you can make adjustments for the best outcome. Pay attention to the four things below. 

What type of vehicle are you driving? 

First of all, the type of vehicle that you drive is the biggest factor in fuel economy. Let’s say you have a choice between two vehicles to commute to work. If one is FWD (front-wheel drive) then that is probably a better choice than AWD (all-wheel drive) in terms of fuel economy. Smaller vehicles are also better, as they take less fuel to move. If your family owns multiple cars, consider comparing them over time. 

Do you drive in the city or on the highway more? 

The roads you choose are also very important to your vehicle’s fuel economy. If you don’t know your vehicle’s fuel economy rating, look it up online. You should find a rating for city driving and one for highway driving. If you see that your vehicle is more efficient in the city, then try to take routes that stay in the city. If it’s better on the highway, try to go there instead.  

What type of powertrain does your vehicle have? 

If your vehicle is a hybrid, then it uses regenerative braking to improve fuel economy. If that’s the case, you can safely choose routes that require more braking, because you’ll be getting energy back. Non-hybrid vehicles are generally better off with routes that have fewer stop-lights and stop signs because the idling can really add up in the long run. 

What sort of weather are you driving in? 

If you have a choice of when to drive somewhere, choose the time with the most optimal weather. Things like precipitation and wind can have an impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Also, try to stick to paved, clear roads whenever possible. Dirt and gravel make it harder for your vehicle to move, meaning it will need more fuel. 

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