2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup Edition 1 Off-Road Driving Specs

May 13th, 2021 by

2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup Edition 1 Climbing Mountain

While there is so much to get excited about with the new HUMMER EV line of vehicles, off-road driving will certainly be the pinnacle of excitement. We thought we’d take a more narrowed look at some of the off-road driving specs that the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup Edition 1 will be shipped with when it becomes available – which is coming up very soon!

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“The GMC HUMMER EV was a blank slate that was filled out by a dedicated team of engineers who are hardcore off-road enthusiasts. Features like One-Pedal Driving, Terrain Mode and Extract Mode result in an absolute off-road beast that will take you to new places.”

– Aaron Pfau, Lead Development Engineer, GMC HUMMER EV

The table below highlights many of the important technical specs to consider when off-roading, separated into columns for the standard settings, with Terrain Mode equipped, and with the available Extract Mode equipped.





Wheelbase 135.6 in. 135.6 in. 135.6 in.
Vehicle Length 216.8 in. 216.8 in. 216.8 in.
Width (No Mirrors) 86.7 in. 86.7 in. 86.7 in.
Width (Mirrors) 93.7 in. 93.7 in. 93.7 in.
Max Ground Clearance 10.1 in. 11.9 in. 15.9 in.
Front Overhang 34.7 in. 34.7 in. 34.7 in.
Rear Overhang 46.5 in. 46.5 in. 46.5 in.
Max Approach Angle 41.5° 44.3° 49.7°
Max Departure Angle 31.6° 33.7° 38.4°
Breakover Angle 22.3° 25.4° 32.2°
Water Fording Depth 26 in. 28 in. 32 in.
Track Width 73.3 in. 73.3 in. 73.3 in.
Turning Radius (2WD) 44.3 ft. 44.3 ft. N/A
Turning Radius (4WD) 37.1 ft. 37.1 ft. N/A
Suspension Travel 13 in. 13 in. N/A


Hopefully, all of this information tells you exactly what you need to know as far as off-roading in the 2022 HUMMER EV Pickup Edition 1 is concerned. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right here at Carl Black of Roswell.