2020 GMC Terrain Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert

November 7th, 2019 by

2020 GMC Terrain front fascia driver side building backgroundThe new 2020 GMC Terrain combines two alert systems that detect vehicles in your side blind zones while you are driving. The Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert safety features can help drivers avoid accidents when changing lanes.

How does Side Blind Zone work?

Inside the rear corners of the Terrain are sensors that detect moving vehicles behind the side mirrors in the next lane. When a vehicle enters that zone, a warning symbol will appear on the side view mirror of the respective side.

If you turn on your turn signal, the alert will start to flash to warn you not to change lanes yet.

2020 GMC Terrain back fascia passenger side girl with snowboard garage background
2020 GMC Terrain interior dashboard steering wheel center console

How does Lane Change Alert work?

Just like the Side Blind Alert, the sensors will be set off by a moving vehicle. The light will appear on your side view mirror alerting you of the vehicle. The main difference is that it detects fast-approaching vehicles that are approaching your blind zone rather than only ones that are currently in your blind zone.

Both features can be turned off and will stay off until you choose to turn them back on.

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Tips for using these alerts

  • No warning symbol does not always mean that it is safe to change lanes. The system can not replace being alert while driving.
  • Bad weather conditions can affect whether the system is able to detect other vehicles.
  • Trailers and bicycle racks can also cause the alert to stay on or repeatedly flash.

Although not a replacement of the being an alert driver, these alerts will be a great help when driving in heavy traffic to holiday events with your family.

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