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2019 GMC Terrain

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  • Overview

    2019 GMC Terrain

    No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you could always use some extra help to get you through the day. Considering how essential transportation has become these days, the best allies come in the form of the personal vehicles that get us from point A to point B. An efficient vehicle will come into your life and make it easier by fulfilling needs you may not have even noticed you had, and that is what the 2019 GMC Terrain was designed to do.

    The 2019 GMC Terrain is a vehicle that will fit effortlessly into nearly every lifestyle and has an appearance that appeals to the masses. The style of the 2019 Terrain can best be described as sleek with a touch of boldness. Everything about it says modern and powerful, and that is exactly what it is.

    The power of the 2019 Terrain is something any driver can and will admire for a vehicle of its class. With up to 252 horsepower, 3,500 pounds of towing potential, and off-roading capability you will gain a unique sensation of limitless freedom and effortless control.

    Along with this command over the road, you will also gain optimal utility within the 2019 Terrain. While it may be the baby bear of the GMC lineup, it is still a fairly large and highly efficient vehicle. The storage options are highly flexible and can be utilized in any way your journey requires.

    The 2019 Terrain is also not light on features. Advanced safety, comfort, entertainment, connectivity, and mechanical features are all integrated seamlessly into the design of the 2019 Terrain in order to allow you complete peace of mind throughout your driving experience.

    Overall the 2019 GMC Terrain is a wonder on wheels in that it can do everything, and do with style.

    63.3 ft³

    Cargo Space

    252 hp


    3,500 lbs

    Max Towing Capacity

    Starting at


  • Features

    2019 GMC Terrain Interior

    The 2019 GMC Terrain offers a number of useful features that are here to protect, comfort, and entertain all passengers. The features offered by the 2019 Terrain honestly seem endless, but these are the highlights you will want to keep track of:

    • In order to protect the driver and passengers the 2019 Terrain offers awareness technology that puts sensors in the front, rear, and side of the vehicle in order to alert you if anything unexpected should happen.
    • In order to bring you comfort the 2019 Terrain offers heated leather seating, soft to the touch materials and controls, easy folding seats, and hands-free Liftgate.
    • For entertainment, the 2019 Terrain offers an immersive and intelligent premium infotainment system that comes with a large touchscreen display and smartphone connectivity so that you may access your apps, make and receive texts or calls, and enjoy your music the way you want.
    • The 2019 GMC Terrain was designed to have a little of something for everyone. Now everyone can find their home in one single vehicle and drive in peace and perfect harmony.
  • Utility

    2019 GMC Terrain Parked in Driveway for Utility

    The 2019 GMC Terrain measures to be 182″ L x 72″ W x 65″ H and is actually the smallest SUV GMC offers. That being said, this does not stop the 2019 Terrain from offering plenty of efficient utility and flexible cargo space for its passengers.
    The 2019 Terrain will fit up to five adult passengers with a fair amount of leg and head room in the front as well as the rear. There are two front seats separated by a soft center console that offers additional storage, and a 60/40 rear bench seat. Clearly, the driver’s seat is fixed in place, but all other seats are able to fold down flat in order to offer additional cargo space. With all seats up you will have 29.6 cubic feet of cargo space, and with all seats down you will have 63.3 cubic feet of cargo space. The best part of this is how flexible the space is. Having all seats up allows for maximum passengers, having all down will allow you to fit an object that is up to 8-ft long. If you have more passengers than cargo put down 40 percent of the rear bench, and if you have more cargo than passengers put down 60 percent of the rear bench. Basically, the 2019 Terrain allows you to mix and match your space in whatever way your current adventure requires.
    Additionally, you can get a SkyScape sunroof that will stretch over the front and rear seating. This will give the impression of even more space while allowing for fresh air and natural warmth to flood the cabin.

  • Power

    Black 2019 GMC Terrain

    Engines are the cornerstone to any power output, and that is why the 2019 GMC Terrain offers such a diverse selection to choose from.

    • The standard engine is a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine combined with the smooth 9-speed automatic transmission. This engine produces 170 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque for a respectable amount of acceleration and towing potential. As far as fuel efficiency goes, this is the second most fuel-efficient engine option of the three with a max of 30 mpg highway
    • The advanced engine is a 2.0L turbo gas 4-cylinder that is also alongside a 9-speed auto transmission that handles like you are moving your own limbs. This engine delivers an outstanding 252 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque that offer the maximum acceleration and towing potential. When properly hooked up this engine can tow 3,500 pounds of raw mass. The weakest thing about this powertrain that it is the least fuel-efficient of the three with a max of 28 mpg highway.
    • The alternative engine is a 1.6L turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine combined with the 6-speed transmission. This engine gifts drivers with 137 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque and will tow up to 1,500 pounds. Having a diesel option should always be thrilling to drivers due to its high level of fuel efficiency that will end up saving you on money and mileage. This engine is esteemed to have a fuel economy of 39 mpg highway.

    Looking at its namesake, it would be rude to ignore the off-roading potential of the 2019 GMC Terrain. You can get the 2019 Terrain in either a FWD model of AWD model. Every Terrain comes with a traction system which allows for seamless switching between drive modes and depending on which of these models chosen drive modes will be different. Both come with a tow/haul drive mode, but the AWD has an off-road mode while the FWD has a snow mode.

  • Style

    White 2019 GMC Terrain

    The reason the 2019 GMC Terrain can appeal to a large population of drivers is because it is able to seamlessly mix boldness with refinement. The way GMC is able to bond the two allows for everyone to find something they can admire with the 2019 Terrain.

    The boldness is centered around the proud and powerful GMC logo that is displayed at the center of the 2019 Terrain’s confident grille with chrome molding. Refinement can be found in the C-shaped LED lights in the front and rear of the Terrain, that are not just visually stunning, but also efficient in producing increased visibility day or night.

    The 2019 GMC Terrain also offers drivers a Black Edition that creates a sense of refinement in the daylight and a striking boldness at night. This edition takes prominent exterior features like roof rails and mirrors, and refines and enhances them with a dark black color. If you want to go for the full Dark Knight approach, there is also a black exterior paint option for this, but you may also feel free to pick from four other color options.

    Overall, the styling of the 2019 GMC Terrain is something that should be admired for its ability to combine refined sleekness and bold aggressiveness into one efficient design.

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