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EV ownership has many perks, as many Alpharetta and Cumming drivers are discovering. Of course, there were many innovators who pushed for the advancement of electric vehicles way back at the turn of the 20th century. But it’s only in much more recent years that EVs have become so in vogue once again with the advent of new battery technologies. Accordingly, popular brands like GMC are increasingly coming out with models like the GMC Hummer EV. Of course, other options like the 2021 Chevy Bolt are by no means newcomers and are pretty popular here in Roswell for good reason.

With all the above having been said, there must be some benefit to owning an EV that doesn’t come with owning a regular gasoline car, right? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” To explore the many perks of EV ownership, keep it with us here at Carl Black Buick GMC Roswell, and read on!

What are the Perks of EV Ownership?

There are many advantages to buying an EV vs. a standard internal combustion vehicle. Cost, environmental impacts, and less required maintenance are just a few. Let’s go over some of these below!

  • Cost of Owning an EV: Let’s face it, cars can be money pits. Not so with EV ownership. Electric cars are, on the whole, cheaper to maintain than their gasoline counterparts. Sweet!
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: EVs often include information displays with systems that monitor energy usage, along with other cutting-edge technologies.
  • Environmental Impacts of Owning an EV: If you charge your EV “on the grid,” you’ll still be tied to fossil fuels, but you can also use solar, wind, or other renewable sources of charging for a zero-emissions ownership experience! On the whole, EVs offer a greater chance of lesser environmental impacts. What’s more, even EVs using grid power are still generally less harmful to the environment.
  • Maintenance Required for EV Ownership: When you own a gas-powered car, you need to keep up with things like oil changes, transmission flushes, and more. EVs require much less maintenance.

In addition to the above, EVs make extremely affordable used cars! So if you’ve been hunting for a fuel-efficient used car for sale near Cumming or Sandy Springs, perhaps forsaking the fuel altogether in favor of an electric motor is a better option yet!

What to Know Before You Go All-In on EV Ownership

Get Your Garage Ready for Your EV

It’s no secret that EV ownership is on the uprise. But even still, there aren’t as many EV charging stations around Cumming and Sandy Springs as there are gas stations. As such, it’s important to get your garage ready. First, figure out what kind of charging station (i.e., Level 1 or Level 2) you will be eligible for. Contact us if you have any questions. Then, be sure to get the system installed in a timely manner.

Map Out Charging Locations near Roswell

In addition to at-home charging, you can also charge your EV at a public charging station. Why? You can top off your battery while you work or shop, creating efficiencies. But public charging may also be significantly faster than charging at home.

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Explore Possible Savings via Tax Credits

EVs may cost more than regular gas cars for the moment, but that may swing the other way eventually once auto manufacturers continue to embrace the associated technology. In fact, many OEMs (car brands) have already committed to “electrifying” their lineups in the coming years. What’s more, you may be eligible for a tax credit on your next EV purchase. Of course, here at Carl Black Buick GMC Roswell, we’re also always offering money-saving new vehicle specials!


Are EVs or Gasoline Vehicles Cheaper?

You’ll hear differing opinions on whether or not EVs are cheaper than gasoline cars or vice versa. Here’s our take on the situation, looked at from a few different angles:

  • Base Price: EVs often cost more than comparable gas cars, but keep in mind that in many cases, EVs also occupy a unique market niche. Take for instance, the forthcoming HUMMER EV. There’s really nothing else like it currently on the market! 
  • Availability of Incentives: You’ll often find more available incentives — especially federal or government ones — when shopping for an EV vs. a gas car.
  • Maintenance Costs: It’s usually cheaper to maintain EVs than their gasoline counterparts. This will also save you the opportunity cost of time spent at a dealership for service, and money is time!
  • Cost to the Environment (Social Cost): EVs pollute less as a whole than gas cars. This manifests itself as less costs passed onto the taxpayer (that’s you!) for efforts aimed at mitigating climate-change disruption (i.e., disaster relief cleanup). EVs thus can be said to have a much lower overall cost to society than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Your Next New Car Awaits at Carl Black Buick GMC Roswell!

Now that you know about the true costs of EV ownership, we invite you to give us a call at (888) 491-7859 to discuss our alternative-fuel vehicle options currently for sale, like the new GMC Hummer EV! We can’t wait to get you buzzing about EV ownership to your friends and family. Here at Carl Black Buick GMC Roswell, caring for our customers and our community — including our environment — is especially important to us.


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