2024 GMC Sierra Trim Level Comparison

2024 GMC Sierra front view on a road on a hill

The 2024 GMC Sierra offers a wide variety of trim levels to match the needs of many drivers. Keep reading below to learn a little about each trim level of the 2024 GMC Sierra with Carl Black Roswell. We’re a GMC and Buick dealership in Roswell, GA. 

2024 GMC Sierra trim level quick comparison table 

Check out this table to compare pricing, engine type, power outputs, and key features.  

Trim level  Pro  SLE  Elevation  SLT  AT4  Denali  AT4X  Denali Ultimate 
Engine  TurboMax  TurboMax  TurboMax  5.3 L V8  Turbo-Diesel  Available 6.2 L V8  Turbo-Diesel  6.2 L V8 
Horsepower  310  310  310  355  305  420  305  420 
Torque  430  430  430  383  495  460  495  460 
MSRP  $46,700  $54,800  $55,200  $57,900  $66,100  $69,900  $79,200  $82,500 
Key feature  LED lights  Larger touchscreen  Black exterior accents  Luxury seating  Off-road features  Luxury cabin  Off-road + luxury  Modern tech + luxury 


2024 GMC Sierra AT4 and AT4X trim level features 

The AT4 and AT4X trim levels are made for off-road drivers. The AT4 is the least expensive of the two, and it comes with the same engine and transmission as the AT4X. Other features of the AT4 model include a 2-inch lifted suspension, unique seating designs, an automatic locking rear differential, and a composite bed.  

The AT4X offers everything from the AT4 and more. Its standout features include Multimatic DSSV dampers, front and rear electronic locking, a premium audio system, a steel front bumper with winch capability, and a steel front approach skid plate.  

2024 GMC Sierra Denali and Denali Ultimate trim level features 

The most luxurious models are the Denali and the Denali Ultimate. The Denali is less expensive and can be equipped with the same V8 engine and 10-speed transmission as the Denali Ultimate. This more affordable option offers open-pore wood and other high-end materials, a signature grille, an available composite bed, and available hands-free driving tech. 

The Denali Ultimate offers these same features. Plus, it offers front seats with a massage feature, a premium audio system, and exclusive exterior design elements, including unique 22-inch wheels that set it apart from other models.  

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2024 GMC Sierra seating side view

2024 GMC Sierra front view on a road