2024 GMC Canyon Roswell, GA

2024 GMC Canyon driving up a steep grade

The 2024 GMC Canyon is worth your consideration. Scroll down to learn about its bed features, performance technology, and safety features with Carl Black Roswell. Visit us in Roswell, GA, to see more of our trucks. 

2024 GMC Canyon bed features 

The 2024 GMC Canyon boasts an innovative MultiStow® tailgate storage system, offering a convenient storage unit within the tailgate itself. This feature maximizes the utility of the truck bed, providing additional storage space for tools, equipment, or personal items. 

Catering to the needs of modern adventurers and workers, the Canyon comes equipped with a 120-volt power outlet in the bed. This outlet allows users to power tools, camping equipment, or any other electrical devices directly from the truck, enhancing versatility and convenience. 

Cab-mounted cargo area lights illuminate the bed of the Canyon, making it easier to load and unload cargo even in low-light conditions. This feature adds a layer of convenience and safety for users, particularly during nighttime activities or in dimly lit environments. 

2024 GMC Canyon performance technology 

The 2024 GMC Canyon offers a drive mode selector with multiple modes tailored to various driving conditions. Drivers can choose between normal, terrain, tow/haul, and off-road modes, allowing for optimized performance and control across different terrains and tasks. 

Built for tackling challenging terrain with confidence, the Canyon features advanced hill descent control technology. This system enables smooth and controlled descents on steep grades, enhancing safety and stability while traversing rugged landscapes. 

Adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the off-road performance display, which provides real-time information about status and capabilities during off-road excursions. From pitch and roll angles to wheel articulation, this feature keeps drivers informed and in command of their off-road adventures. 

2024 GMC Canyon safety features 

Maneuvering in tight spaces becomes less stressful with rear park assist sensors, which alert drivers to nearby obstacles when reversing. This feature increases safety and helps prevent accidents while parking or maneuvering in crowded areas. 

Blind zone steering assist alerts drivers to vehicles in their blind spots. By providing a brief, urgent turn of the steering wheel to prevent a crash, this technology helps drivers make safer lane changes and avoid potential collisions. 

Rear cross-traffic braking uses sensors to detect approaching vehicles from the sides when reversing. If a potential collision is detected, the system can automatically apply the brakes to mitigate or prevent an impact, offering added peace of mind in busy parking lots or congested areas. 

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2024 GMC Canyon front view driving on red sand

2024 GMC Canyon white, red, and black seats