2020 GMC Canyon vs 2020 Ford Ranger

2020 GMC Canyon Exterior Passenger Side Front Angle vs 2020 Ford Ranger Exterior Driver Side Front Angle
After a two-year hiatus, the GMC Canyon returned for the 2015 model year entering its second generation. It has been a force to be reckoned with in the midsize pickup truck segment ever since. Now, perhaps in response to that continued success, Ford has reintroduced the Ranger. 2019 was the midsize pickup truck’s first model year since it was discontinued in 2012. We wanted to highlight how these two trucks fare against one another, so we’ve pitted them against each other in a side-by-side comparison. Check out the details in the table below, then keep reading for further analysis!

2020 GMC Canyon


2020 Ford Ranger

308 HP Horsepower 270 HP
19 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 23 mpg
1,592 lbs. Max Payload 2,128 lbs.
7,000 lbs. Max Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs.

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We pulled just a few of the most important specifications from either truck into the table, and you can certainly tell that each pickup truck has its own advantages. In the first row we looked at the trucks’ power ratings, an area in which the GMC Canyon reigns supreme by delivering 38 horsepower more than the Ford Ranger. However, the competitor does fire back by achieving superior fuel efficiency, getting an extra four miles per gallon combined across city streets and the highway. That’s going to translate to quite a bit of savings at the pump.

In the latter half of the table, we turned to capabilities; again, each truck has its clear advantages. While 1,592 pounds is a respectable max payload, the Ford Ranger, unfortunately, beats that by quite a bit, by 536 pounds to be precise. However, if you plan on towing, the Canyon is the clear choice as it literally doubles the maximum towing capacity of the Ranger.

2020 GMC Canyon Interior Cabin Dashboard
You’ll have to weigh your needs against what each truck offers to make this decision. Keep in mind that the GMC Canyon is packed full of outstanding features and technologies, which aren’t covered on this page. Just check out the rest of our website or our blog to learn even more about the GMC Canyon.