2018 GMC Acadia

One of the best family SUVs on the market, the 2018 GMC Acadia is focused on excelling at the daily commute. Sometimes, people just need a vehicle that is perfect for city roads traveling the same route time and time again. Unlike the larger Yukon or GMC trucks like the Sierra, the Acadia maximizes daily performance, fuel efficiency, and creature comforts/safety you will find in the interior. Best of all, the different engine options, interior features, and overall trim levels are designed to give customers what they truly need out of their daily commute.

The Acadia actually stands out among other types of vehicles in class because it focuses so much on the daily commute. Most other SUVs try to take a “Jack of all Trades” where the vehicle can do virtually anything and everything on paper. In reality, however, these SUVs rarely get everything right. In a worst case situation, some will even sacrifice basic performance and comfort features because the designers were too busy trying to stuff every little feature into the frame and interior. When this happens, the customer misses out the most.

Starting At


310 hp


4,000 lbs

Max Towing Capacity

3.6 L V-6


New GMC Acadia Features

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The real star of what the 2018 Acadia can provide is a plethora of convenience features you will find throughout the interior. Combined with luxurious style accents that go beyond what an SUV of this price typically offers, you can expect an enjoyable driving experience for everyone traveling in this SUV.

Overall head and legroom in the three rows is quite comfortable for all occupants. Up front, the driver and front passenger have the most space to accommodate full-size adults in a variety of body shapes. The second row includes decent head and legroom for adults and children of all sizes. Finally, the third row is the smallest.

The interior features a well-designed dashboard that puts most of the important controls well within reach of the driver without having to take eyes off of the road. Passengers can enjoy additional perks such as adjustable seats, climate control, charging ports, and more.

Finally, the infotainment system is where the 2018 Acadia really shines. Featuring a large touchscreen LCD panel, the Acadia comes standard with a whole host of advanced technological systems. This includes a standard 4G LTE wireless hotspot, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, auxiliary input ports, Bluetooth audio, and voice control. Real-time traffic and weather reports along with GPS navigation are optional.

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New GMC Acadia Safety

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As a family-oriented SUV, GMC has taken the time to flush out the standard and optional passive and active safety features you can expect on the 2018 Acadia. The final safety layout will depend on the trim model you choose as well as any optional upgrade packages available to you. Like most SUVs, more active safety features are available as optional upgrades compared to standard passive safety systems.

Getting top marks from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the Acadia comes with passive safety systems such as front and side airbags for all seven passenger spots. The second row also comes with several anchor points for child safety seats. The third row includes tethers for such seats but does not offer the same easy-to-use anchor points.

The active safety features are included in the driver alert package that combines blind spot monitoring, rear parking sensors, and rear cross traffic alerts. Several of these systems come standard on the higher SLT 1 trim line and above. A second driver alert package, exclusive to the SLT to Denali trim lines, includes pedestrian detection, automatic high beam control, front parking sensors, lane keeping assist, and forward collision detection. The Denali model, as the top trim, also offers a technology package which comes with adaptive cruise control, a 360° camera system, and automated emergency braking.

Finally, all of the Acadia models include GM’s OnStar service for on-road assistance. In the case of emergency, all you have to do is press a single button to get in touch with someone from OnStar who can arrange roadside service or emergency help immediately.

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New GMC Acadia Performance

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Don’t expect the 2018 Acadia to be the hauling monster that the Sierra HD Denali is. This SUV is focused on general city performance with an eye towards better fuel efficiency than you could ever hope to get with a full-size truck or SUV. This means you will find several different engine options that are designed to haul the weight of the vehicle, passengers, and some minor cargo with virtually nothing else.

The base engine is a 2.5 L in-line four design with 193 hp. This is the type of engine to choose if you want to maximize fuel efficiency since the four-cylinder engine consumes less gas on average per mile. On the other hand, you’ll see a decrease in overall acceleration and performance with the option.

For better performance, the optional 3.6 L V-6 engine offers 310 hp, almost double that of the four-cylinder, and 271-pound-feet of torque. Combined with a six-speed automatic engine and front wheel drive as standard, the more powerful engine is a better choice if you’re concerned with overall cargo and towing capacity. Compared to the 2.5 L engine’s 1,000-pound towing limit, the V-6 quadruples that rating to 4,000 pounds.

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