2018 Buick Envision

The 2018 Buick Envision is an excellent choice for new car buyers seeking a small luxury SUV that is economic, efficient, and equipped with excellent safety features. The Envision falls in the midrange of Buick’s luxury SUV crossover lineup: above the Encore but below the Enclave. The Envision is available in five different trim packages designed to suit your needs and preferences so that you can choose the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle.

The Envision was designed to turn heads. It’s sleek; stylish chassis is classy, smooth, and aerodynamic. Chrome features, LED-accented lights, Buick’s signature waterfall grille, and sharp, dynamic lines make the 2018 Buick Envision a work of art on a tarmac canvas.

Your safety and the safety of your family is the most important thing for you to consider when purchasing a crossover, and the Envision’s track record in safety is second to none. The 2017 Envision received a five-star safety rating and was awarded a Top Safety Pick+ for 2017 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Rest assured, the 2018 version is packed with the same award-winning safety features to ensure peace of mind for potential buyers that the Envision is one of the safest luxury SUVs on the market.

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22 City / 29 Highway

Fuel Economy

5 Stars

Safety Rating



New Buick Envision Connectivity

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With Buick’s advanced Infotainment system, you can stay connected while you’re on the go. Do you work from home? Do you need access to email and more, even when you’re on vacation? If this describes you, having a mobile hotspot in your vehicle is a perk that you just can’t do without. Even if you don’t need to report for duty at every rest stop, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to work or play while you’re on the move. Everyone who travels with you can get in on the perks as well, as the hotspot allows for up to seven devices to connect at one time, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops from you and your passengers.

The Infotainment system is also perfect for controlling your car’s functions using the convenient touchscreen—or go hands-free using voice-activated technology to play music, control the cars temperature, or use GPS navigation, all at the touch of a finger or the sound of a voice.

The MyBuick App is another great feature of the 2018 Buick Envision. Download this app to your smartphone or tablet to access your car’s features before you even get inside it. Start the car up and get the cabin warm on a cold day while you prepare for travel or take an extra few minutes to grab coffee. Check your tire pressure and run diagnostics before any time you take to the road to find out whether your vehicle needs maintenance before embarking on a long journey.

Whether you are an Apple person or an Android person, the Buick Infotainment system has you covered with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. With Apple CarPlay, you can hang out with Siri, make a road trip mix with your iTunes music bank, or use Apple Maps to navigate the city. With Android Auto, you can access Google Maps for navigation and Google Play for creating your vehicle’s ever-evolving soundtrack to your commute. The connectivity features of the Envision make it the perfect small luxury SUV for traveling in style.

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New Buick Envision Safety

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The 2017 Buick Envision was honored with the highest possible safety ratings in its class, awarded a top safety pick for the year, and earned the highest score (good) in all five crash tests. This year’s model brings the same technology back in the form of the Driver Confidence package, available in both the Premium and Premium II trim options.

The available Safety Alert Seat warns the driver of incoming danger by pulsing in the direction of the approaching traffic. If a nearby car is moving in on your right, the seat pulses slightly on the right side, so you won’t be surprised if you are thinking of switching lanes. A whopping 10-airbag system not only protects your head and torso from major collisions but also pads the knees and sides for extra protection and peace of mind. Not only will the Envision do everything in its power to help you avoid a collision, but it will also protect your vitals if the collision is unavoidable.

Lane Keep Assist technology keeps you from drifting in and out of your lane by reading and responding to lane markings, then gently nudging your wheels back into their proper place even if you do take your eyes off the road for a moment. As a driver, of course, you’ll be doing your best to pay attention to your steering and keeping an eye on the road, but in those rare instances when circumstances beyond your control may cause you to be both exhausted or distracted and behind the wheel, the Envision has your back.

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New Buick Envision Trim

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1SV: Even the base-model Envision is sure to please. The 2018 Buick Envision 1SV comes standard with the Buick Infotainment System, which includes an 8.0-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto as well as dual-zone climate control so that both the driver and the passenger can select their preferred temperature and enjoy the ride in comfort. The Infotainment system also boasts a 4.2-inch driver’s display, a built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, noise-cancellation technology, and two USB ports to keep your gear charged and ready. The 1SV also comes with powered windows, seats- and hands-free liftgate, automatic headlights, a rearview camera, rear parking sensors and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Preferred: The 2018 Buick Envision Preferred adds five different optional feature packages with tons of different upgrade options available and five color options (in case you’re not a big fan of the standard Summit White).

Essence: The 2018 Buick Envision Essence offers heated leather seating, a heated steering wheel, chrome roof rails, polished wheels, tri-zone climate control, and upgraded safety features, including rear cross-traffic alert, lane-change assistance, and blind-spot monitoring technology.

Premium and Premium II: The 2018 Buick Envision Premium packages include the optional Driver Confidence setup, which includes a surround-vision camera system, adaptive cruise control, and forward automatic emergency braking. The Premium package gives you more power and control, bringing a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine on board, all-wheel drive access, a crystal-clear seven-speaker Bose audio system, automatic wipers, HiPer Strut front suspension, and more safety features than you can shake a stick shift at. The Premium II package has a head-up display, heated and cooled front and rear leather seats, a self-parking system, and beautifully luminescent HID headlights.

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