Will the 2021 GMC HUMMER EV feature removable roof panels?

May 28th, 2020 by

2021 GMC HUMMER EV Interior Cabin with Removable Roof Panels Gone

You may be aware that the brand-new 2021 GMC HUMMER EV was supposed to be unveiled back on May 20th, but with everything going on in the world GMC was forced to push back the reveal. As of now, there is no replacement date for when we can expect a full reveal of the new hybrid utility vehicle. However, to make up for the push, GMC did give us a little bit of a teaser on the originally planned announcement date, highlighting a new feature that will provide removable roof panels.

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How do the removable roof panels work?

Through this short video teaser, we’ve been given a glimpse at the HUMMER EV’s roof, which will feature four separate removable roof panels as well as a front T-bar. This will give the driver and any passengers a very open-air feel when driving around with the panels removed. In case you’re wondering what it might look like beyond what you can see in the video, think about similar vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator when their hardtop components are removed.

The nice thing about how the HUMMER EV will be set up, and one way it differentiates itself from those competitors, is the fact that there are four different panels. While we can’t yet say for certain, that should make it possible and perhaps even easy for a single person to remove the panels by themselves. So, even if you’re taking a trip across town on your own, you can still take the time to remove the panels for a closer-to-nature feel on your drive.

Check out the teaser below and be sure to check back often as we’ll be bringing you updates as they become available.