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Benefits of a Vehicle Detail

July 19th, 2012 in News
Vehicle Detail
After investing your money in a vehicle, you’d probably like to keep it looking like new for as long as possible. People usually don’t bat an eye about having routine maintenance performed on their vehicles, but they often consider vehicle detailing to be purely optional. Taking great care of the mechanical features of your car is wise, but it’s smart to take care of the appearance of its interior and exterior too. Periodic vehicle detail service will keep your car looking great for a long time to come, and Carl Black Buick GMC of Roswell is happy to provide this service to our valued customers.

Go Beyond Routine Car Washes

Like most car owners, you probably make a point of washing your car on a regular basis. The roads in Georgia can get mighty dusty during the hot, dry summers, and it doesn’t take long for a car to get coated in grime. As for the interior, periodically vacuuming it out and wiping it down is smart too. However, there’s only so much that a routine car wash and occasional vacuuming can do for your car. To take its care to a whole other level, you should invest in car detailing services by Carl Black Buick GMC of Roswell.

How often should You Detail Your Car?

Our customers often ask us how often they should have their GMCs and Buicks detailed. At the absolute minimum, you should have your car detailed at least once every six months. If you can’t park your car in a garage, or if it is subjected to more extreme conditions, you should have it detailed more frequently. It’s easy to dismiss the importance of having your vehicle detailed, but you’re sure to be blown away by how phenomenal it looks after you have the work done for the first time.

Vehicle Detail
Protect Your Investment

Did you know that a vehicle detail can help to protect your car’s paint job? The work that is done helps to protect a car’s paint from the elements. Day after day of being out in the beating Georgia sun can do a real number on even the finest paint job, and dust, grime and debris can affect it too. Your car will be given the royal treatment when you bring it to Carl Black Buick GMC of Roswell for a full detail, and its paint will continue to look glossy and new for a long time to come.

Save Money

Having your car detailed regularly is a very wise investment. It can actually save you money over the long run. Without regular detail services, your car could accumulate a lot of grime, dust, dirt and debris. Those things can slowly but surely chip away at the appearance and quality of your vehicle. Down the road, when you want to sell it or trade it in, you’ll get more money if it still looks shiny and new. Besides, the small amount you’ll pay to have it detailed will be worth it when you get to drive around in a gorgeous car all the time.

Take Advantage of this Great Maintenance Special

If you’re ready to have your vehicle detailed, you’re in luck. Carl Black Buick GMC of Roswell is currently offering a great maintenance special: $40 off a full vehicle detail. Just print out this offer or mention it when you make your appointment. We look forward to giving your car the royal treatment!

Vehicle Detail Coupon

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