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Free Sky Express Car Wash

March 15th, 2010 in News

Free Sky Express Car WashGo get a free $29 Green Car Wash at Sky Express Car Wash on us - compliments of Carl Black of Roswell.

We’ve partnered with Sky Express Car Wash to bring you this Special Customer Appreciation offer: go online today and reserve your invite for a free $29 100% recycled wash water car wash by clicking here.

By taking advantage of this special, no strings, offer, you will be:

- Preserving your 2nd most expensive asset rather than neglecting it

- Avoiding damage caused by typical car washes

- Saving money versus wasting it

To take advantage of this special offer:

1. Click here.

2. Enter Promo Code “CB1″

Did You Know? - Hummer H3

March 15th, 2010 in News

Did You Know?The Hummer H3 is an incredible vehicle that can be thrown in nearly any situation and come out smelling like a rose.  While most people drive it on the road 100% of the time every owner needs to remember it is an extremely capable off-road truck.  What makes the H3 such a capable on and off-road vehicle is the wonderful full time four wheel drive that leads its class in technology and durability.  The four-wheel-drive systems in the H3 work seamlessly on dry and wet pavement situations and then take over when the going gets tough.  The H3 can plow over rocks, dive through the mud and climb hills we would be frightened to walk up without assistance.  What most customer don’t know or seem to forget about is that even though you are not putting the H3 through the difficult hill crawling situations is that the four wheel drive systems are always at work and ready to jump at the slightest slip of the tire.  With that said the four wheel drive is always at work even though you are not putting it through the difficult paces it is capable of and need some occasional and often forgotten service.  Lack of maintenance on the four wheel drive systems cause major malfunctions that will not arise until you are well out of warranty and have a considerable cost if a failure arises.  The good news is that with some inexpensive maintenance over the course of several years of ownership the four wheel drive system will be trouble free.  Keep the four wheel drive oils changed and they will keep you rolling in what ever situation you choose.  Happy motoring!

Tips From the Service Lane - Air Cabin Filter

March 15th, 2010 in News

Tips From the Service LaneWith Spring at our doorstep it may be time to replace your Air Cabin Filter. Your Air Cabin Filter is typically a pleated-paper filter that is located in the outside air intake of your vehicle’s passenger compartment. If your Air Cabin Filter is clogged or dirty it can significantly reduce airflow from the cabin air vents and can cause the air within your vehicle to be dirtier than the air outside. During the spring and summer months, contaminants, such as pollen, dust, mold spores and smog, can enter a vehicle’s passenger compartment through the air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, making the air within your vehicle up to six times dirtier than the air outside. You can protect yourself and your passengers from these contaminants by replacing the vehicle’s cabin air filter as outlined in your vehicle’s owner manual.

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