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Tips From the Service Lane - Tire Pressure

August 4th, 2009 in News

Tire PressureYour vehicle’s tire pressure is the measurement of air in the vehicle’s tires, in pounds per square inch.  Your tire pressure is not only important for the care of your tires but is also a crucial safety issue.  Next to your breaks your tires are the most important safety device on your vehicle.  If your tires are not properly inflated it can lead to compromised cornering, braking,  stability, increased fuel consumption  and in worst case scenarios, tire failure.

To ensure that your vehicles tires are properly inflated you need to get an accurate reading.  When taking a tire pressure reading your vehicle’s tires should be cold and idle for at least three hours prior. After you have taken the tires’ pressure reading make sure it is within range as instructed by your vehicles manufacturer.  This information can usually be found on the inside of the driver side door or in your vehicle’s owner manual.

One way to insure your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated and do not lose and gain pressure with the surrounding temperature is to have them filled with nitrogen.  The nitrogen molecule is bigger than its air oxygen counterpart which allows the pressure in the tires to stay at its optimum level for a longer period of time.  By not allowing the tire pressure to fluctuate your tires will last longer and you will avoid problems usually associated with standard oxygen.  Also, nitrogen reduces the risk of a blow out if your tires overheat.

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